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Making Music

Our Online courses


Image by Cedrik Malabanan
  • You will learn and recognize notes on the keyboard.

  • Learn Scales the buliding blocks of music, Chords, Arpeggios,Intervals.

  • Learn to play different Rhythm pattern melodies and chords (Melodic and Harmonic intervals).

  • Both Hand playing independenly

  • Ear training

  • Learn music Theory

  • Gain Knowledge about various technique like playing broken chords,Arpeggios,Chord interval,Dynamic etc

  • Learning to play songs and chords on differnt scales.


Image by Tyler Clemmensen
  • You will learn to identify notes on the  fret board.

  • Play chords,Scales in different position.

  • Play Rythms pattern,Melodies,Dynamic.

  • Ear training and master the basic of musicial concepts.

  • Play all your favourite songs and chord progession.

  • Learn to tune your guitar.

  • Finger excerise.

  • Essential music theory.


Our Institute

Image by Wes Hicks

FOR HIM Institute of Music was formed in the year 2015, with a vision and desire to impart quality music education.

  • At "For Him" institute of music we strive to bring out the hidden musical talents in you!!! We believe that everyone can learn music.

  • Our goal is to help students unleash their innate musical potential by helping and training students of all ages ranging from 4 yrs to Adults to Aged to bulid Strong, Solid foundation in Music.


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